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Frequently asked questions

Why cleanse?

Periodic cleansing can be a normal part of lifestyle. It is typical that many of us have a diet that, over time, accumulates toxins and migrates our body into an acidic and inflammatory state. If these conditions are left unchecked, than it’s probable that many and perhaps all of the ills we are familiar with, from flues to cancers are more likely to express themselves within us.

Beyond cleansing the body and its inherent organ systems, there is also cleansing the mind. It’s very usual to experience clarity of thought and emotion as a result of cleansing.

How do I prepare for a cleanse?

Wonderful question. The cleansing process is potent unto itself, and heading into it with the body and mind aligned and prepared properly will give much fuller results. Ideally it’s best to begin the transition 3-5 days in advance, but even 1 day in advance will be very helpful. 

Drink lots of water, start to cut back or eliminate: dairy, grains, fried or processed foods, sweets, artificial creamers & sweeteners, soda, & alcohol and begin to focus on raw fruits and vegetables, salads and whole foods with simple recipes.

What should I eat in the days following the cleanse?

Great Question! Returning to solid food and daily eating practices after a cleanse is probably the most essential part of the process to get right, and it’s often the least considered. A cleanse done properly is a very powerful process. All cellular activity associated with nutrient assimilation has been introduced to a time of relief, relaxation & restoration as well as detoxification. These many cells are making the transition from receiving and making their energy from your routine diet to receiving very pure, super nutrient-dense elements, and by day 3 and 4, you are in the middle of a powerful cellular transition. You will maximize the effects of your hard work already put-in on the days before and during the cleanse by using this post-cleanse period wisely. Introducing raw, fresh, healthy and low-processed foods slowly and wisely back into your diet over the following week and beyond will put you in a position to make long-term diet transitions that are a move towards fuller health and happiness. We are always happy to speak with you more profoundly and personally on these subjects as well as help guide you towards local experts and practitioners that will increase your awareness on personal questions you may have. We have many local resources, friends and acquaintances acquired through our many years of working in these arenas.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

Very possibly you will begin the process of weight-loss. Generally the first 3 days of a liquid cleanse is a transition period when the body undergoes a metabolism shift from using the calories that are stored in the intestines to consuming its own fat storages. If you do a 3 or 4 day cleanse with us, then by the end your body will most likely be in the process of using its own fat sources for calories.

Can I eat solid food while I’m cleansing?

One of the great benefits of a cleanse is that it gives rest to your digestive system and organs. But eating simple foods in moderation may be a very good choice for you. Listening to your body and gaining awareness of “what’s a craving vs what would benefit me?”, is a wonderful part of learning about oneself. In general, eating no solid food is a more committed path that produces quicker results. If you’re coming from a very calorie-rich diet with many fatty and highly-processed foods as part of your daily eating, then it may be wise for you to supplement with salads and high-quality dressings as part of your daily diet. Please inquire more with us for a more detailed map of your greatest potential!

Can I just order juices without cleansing?

Absolutely, and this is recommended. Our drinks our all natural and organic products that you can add to your day every day without adjusting any other factor in your diet.

How often should I cleanse?

It’s up to you! It’s typical to do seasonal cleanses, 3 or 4 times a year. But listening to your body’s intuition and/or doctor’s recommendations may produce any number of answers, including 1-day every week as a potential.

Should I expect to face cravings?

Yes! With a big smile! Definitely expect to face the desire to eat any of those foods that you’ve been having regularly that are habit-forming. Particularly foods high in sugar, flour and quick metabolizing starches such as chips will often generate cravings small or big. If you do not face any cravings, then big smiles to that as well, that’s great and totally possible! Our juices are absolutely loaded with nutrients, so your cells will be getting many if not all the vitamins and minerals they need and in many cases more. However our drinks are low in calories, and devoid of fat. So it is absolutely normal for your body to take some time to adjust. Setting yourself up for success before your cleanse starts can include eating simpler meals based on healthy ingredients and considering caloric reduction for 2-3 days prior to beginning the cleanse. This  will have your body headed in the right direction and will probably reduce some of the challenges.

Is it normal to not have bowel movements while doing your juice cleanses?

A juice fast will provide very little fiber, so almost everything coming out of your colon will be what’s been in your intestines before starting the cleanse, so don’t be surprised if your elimination function slows down. Alternatively, we are proponents of ingesting psyllium husk powder as part of your cleanse experience. This is a completely natural and safe food product that has no caloric value but is immensely absorptive and adds substantial fiber content to your intestines. This will keep your bowels moving, which we believe can be very helpful in the process of detoxing.

General Logistics

How should my juices be stored?

Keep your juices refrigerated and ShakeShakeShake ‘em! Before consuming.

How long will the juices stay good for?

4-5 days when kept under constant refrigeration.

Why does the juice look different from when I bought it?

Because we don’t use any additives our natural juices will separate, leaving some of the fiber above and below and causing color bands to appear. All totally natural processes that is no indicator of degradation. Simply shake well and all is restored!

Medical / Health Questions

Should I keep taking my vitamins?

If you are on natural vitamin supplementation then there isn’t anything that will conflict with our programs.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Listening to your body is the best answer to that question. Generally it is suggested that you don’t push too hard as this is a time of restoration and regeneration. However, walking, light-hiking and gentle yoga, are activities that can accentuate your cleanse.

Can I cleanse if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Due to the specific caloric needs of a woman who is pregnant or nursing, a cleanse is not recommended. Always consult your doctor.

Can my child cleanse?

Generally this variety of cleanse is not recommended because of a child’s specific caloric needs. However, it’s never too early to supplement a their diet with any number of our juices.

Is there anyone who should not do a cleanse?

All juicers should speak with their doctor before embarking on a cleanse. People who have battled eating disorders and those with diabetes, kidney disease, digestive issues and heart disease should especially discuss any cleanse plans with their medical team.

Are there any gluten/dairy/soy or nut products in your juices?

No, only raw vegetables and fruits. However we do offer one tonic made with whole almonds.

Pick ups, Deliveries & Shipping

When can I start an Ora Juice cleanse?

We offer in-store pick-up every Wednesday from 9:00AM-3:00PM.

How do I make an order?

All of our ordering is done online with our fresh and state of the art web design.

Orders must be made by Noon on Mondays in order to start your cleanse by Wednesday pickup.

How do I receive my order?

Pick-up is in-store every Wednesday from 9:00AM – 3:00PM.

The Garden CaFE & ORA JUICE CO.

519 NW Colorado Ave. Bend, OR  97703. 

(541) 389-3132

Hours for Pick up: 11-4pm Wednesdays
Cafe Hours- Wed-Saturday, 12-4pm


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